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Track Your Buying

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This app allows you to track how much you are spending while you shop. You put in your local tax rate, and enter items as you put them in your basket. That way when you go to the register you will know how much you will need to have. You can edit items after you add them and it has a register option so you can put in how much you give them to see how much change is due.The newest feature is called "Spending Limit". Tell the app how much you have to spend and it will tell you how much you can spend before tax is added. A $40 limit at 9.15% tax means you can spend $36.65 before they add tax. This will auto update after you add each item.There is the option to choose as many list as you want. Each list is separate from the others. So, if you have food stamps and other items you can keep them separate with different tax rates.You can set the decimal point to automatic or manual entry. This allows for flexibility in what you are most comfortable with.There are places to enter name, quantity, and price of each item. Name and quantity are optional. Quantity has a default of 1.When it gives the list it will show you how much each unit cost and how much the total number of units cost.You can tell it to show the receipt for everything you have on the list so far. You can then use the screen shot option on your phone to save the information.A video tutorial is available at